Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We Wear: Watermelons are pink

Sunglasses: Forever21 - Sweatshirt and ripped skinnies: Bershka - Shoes: Nike Air Max (Footlocker) - Watch: Casio (Urban Outfitters) - Jeans jacket: H&M - Hairtie: Hema Kids

I'm using the name of my previous blog (it really is a coincidence the last post over there is dated EXACTLY two years ago, creepy as fuck!) as a post title and that is possible because I'm wearing the coolest sweatshirt in the history of mankind. I'm a big fan of fruity prints so when Karolien spotted this little gem in Maastricht and decided to try it on, I decided to completely go along with that. And by completely, I mean go along with everything: I tried on the same sweatshirt and 2 types of pants and we both got home with the exact same outfit. So why wasn't I on the lookout for clothes myself you say, instead of feeding on someone else's finds? I was too busy eating an icecream. But seriously, this sweatshirt is pinkish and has pineapples, watermelons and lemons as a print. What is not to love?

These pants are one of the pants Karolien and I bought. It's difficult to find good pants these days like always, and this one has a very nice fit and a perfect shade of blue. Call me smallminded, but I didn't expect that from Bershka! So I was happy as a hippo when I tried these on. Usually I just feel like a hippo in a not so happy way. And the knees are ripped, I feel so badass when wearing these pants.

The sunglasses are rather new too. I bought them a couple of weeks ago in Antwerp because I just can't say no to white sunglasses. Or white anything that is. Karolien was totally right about that in her previous blogpost.

And have I already mentioned how AWESOME Groezrock has been? Because it really has been awesome and I'm back to being Groezsick. I'm still not recovered tiredwise though. These pictures were made the day before Groezrock and boy am I glad! You don't want to see my face right now. All credits again for the lovely Karolien Coenen, who had to do another try on that fashion shoot (although we already loved her previous shoot now didn't we?).

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  1. Dat is inderdaad one hell of a cool sweater!
    Naomi, x


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