Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We Wear: No Fun

No fun to hang around
Feelin' that same old way
No fun to hang around
Freaked out for another day

 Jacket: Zara (very old) - Shirt: My grandmother's - The No Fun Sweater: TITI + THE GERMAN KID - Skinnies: H&M - Sneakers: Footlocker (Nike Air Max) - Sunglasses: Random - Necklace: Forever 21 - Shirt buttons: Birthday present - Watch: Urban Outfitters (Casio)

We went to Titi and the German Kid's SS14 Collection Presentation on Saturday, more on that event will follow soon, but before we went to watch the collection and drink gin-tonic in the monastery we paid a little visit to her showroom. We fell in love with the Titi likes Ibe capsule collection (we already figured that was going to happen) and more particular with the cat and dinosaur sunglasses. I think we tried on all of them! We didn't take one home just yet, but something tells me that will change in the near future. I think Karolien mentioned those sunglasses at least twenty times during that evening alone.

I did bring home this NO FUN sweater. The vibrant red color really appealed to me together with the rock 'n roll Stooges song written all over it. I think it's fascinating how only two words can describe an entire mood or feeling. Of course everybody determines its own meaning but well that's the beauty of it now isn't it. I like the contradiction between the vibrant, happy in-your-face red and the more sad kind of message the song brings. This sweater just laughs at you in your face, I think that's why I had to bring it home. A little mockery never hurt anyone.

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  1. It may say "NO FUN", maar ik vind hem net héél fun :) Leuke outfit!

  2. Looove de sweater! En wat een leuke kraag :)
    Naomi, x


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