Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We Wear: A whole lotta leopard

So since Karolien is still enjoying a well-deserved holiday in Portugal, it's time for me again to show an outfit. Two weeks ago I ordered some things on Asos (emoshopping) and today my package - finally - arrived. Just in time to show you guys!

Item 1: leather, leopard loafers. I don't have to explain this now do I? I wear sneakers like most of the time and I thought the time was ripe for a change. Leopard loafers it is.

Item 2: leopard printy cat-eye sunglasses. I broke my sunglasses from ModCloth (as last seen here) so it was only natural I ordered a new pair.

Item 3: skinny jeans! I must say that I had my doubts when I unwrapped these pants because they seemed so damn TINY! But as you can see, I managed to get my butt in there and even walk around to take some photos. Planning to go to the gym tomorrow has also been done.

Item 4: well you just have to wait for that one!

The leopard top is a new buy from H&M and the color matches my loafers perfectly.


  1. Ohh, die loafers zijn echt de max! Ik vind persoonlijk dat dierenprints mij echt niet staan, luckily they suit you ;) Hele leuke outfit!


Thank you!


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