Thursday, September 4, 2014

We Wear: Contrast is not a sin

Finally, I have found the time and a willing victim to play photographer while succeeding in convincing my face to strike a pretty decent pose. Put otherwise, another outfit for you. I actually bought this bohemian style dress a few months back already and at that moment envisioned myself wearing it exactly as I am in the pictures right now: girly but with an edge. With the weather going back and forth (either hot, as in "I'm not wearing my Docs now" or "I'm not going out barelegged"-cold), it took me whole summer to finally wear it the way it was intended to (by God himself, you know). You must know, a white dress is kind of a personal fashion faux pas, because a) I always felt it was kind of your average girl next door kind of thing en b) because I'm a huge Spiller of Foods, mostly on myself. Naturally, the latter reason is the main cause for my aversion of white clothes (I just came across this, haha, so true). Well, not anymore! Although I must admit after wearing this particular dress only one time, it had raspberry juice on it as well as some rust. It's a talent. 

On a personal note, it's a pretty exciting week for me! Indeed, this week (today!) will be my PhD defense. No worries, the dress is hanging all good to go. And my other preparations are almost done now too (duhu), so wish me luck! 

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The Dexter tune is stuck in my head right now, does that count?
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My holiday in only a few days!

Dress: H&M - Purse: Primark - Necklace: Forever 21 - boots: Doc Martens - Sunglasses: Claire's


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