Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We Wear: Grey Matters

Top: Mango - Skinnies, necklace: H&M - Sneakers: Vans - Purse: Mme Bovary pop up shop - Watch: Urban Outfitters - Lipstick: It's a matte world by Catrice

I wear a lot of black and grey these days. During summer I like to dress up like a popsicle and children tend to think I ran away from some My Little Pony movie, but as soon as the weather starts to shift and the leaves turn brownredyellow, my wardrobe tends to loose its color. Maybe, unconsciously I don't want to steal the spotlight from Mother Nature. Maybe I'm just full of crap. Anyhow, since we didn't have much of a summer this year, the transition in my wardrobe happened early. 

At first I wasn't sure about the grey on grey thing, but this combination sort of happened to me on Pukkelpop  and I really liked it. So I went all monochrome and added my beloved black Vans and a necklace to look at least a bit classy. I forgot how much I like a good necklace, and I really love the sas this simple one immediately brings to an outfit. To break all the grey I also put on some lipstick. I hardly do that because I'm always afraid it will get stuck on my teeth - because I am clumsy like that - but since the BF likes it very much, I'm trying to make an effort once a while. I even think my glasses fit this outfit rather well.

I wore this outfit last weekend (minus necklace and lipstick) to eat escargots at a local fair, sip some wine at that same fair and watch "Les revenants" with said BF. Really, how awesome is this show! We started watching last week whilst catsitting and were hooked right away. Great atmosphere, great characters (girl crushing is already beginning) and a great plot with a good dose of mystique.

So do you guys like escargots?


Thank you!


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