Monday, July 6, 2015

We Went: Rock Werchter 2015

Since I had taken so many pictures on the one day I attended the Rock Werchter festival, I thought I'd share some of them with you. Not in the very least because I REALLY liked my outfit - water melon top, hello? Also, I had such an incredibly fun day with my sisters: We shared more than a few laughs/beers, danced to Mumford and Sons, encountered a nice Confetti Boy who should date my sister. Too bad we don't know his name or anything, so if anybody knows a guy throwing around confetti at Rock Werchter, hit me up! (I will probably get killed for this) I was also extremely thrilled to watch Death Cab for Cutie perform once more. Watching Ben Gibbard give his best made me completely realize why I liked them so much in the past. I can't wait 'till November to go to their show at a more private and enclosed venue. 

Naturally I didn't take my decent camera with me, so all pictures are phone quality. But still, enjoy and submerge yourself in the hot Rock Werchter vibe! 

PS: You can catch a glimpse from my new tattoo, I'm so happy with it!

Hoegaarden Rosée for the win! 
This big blue bird is shitting on me
Sisters unite! 

Death Cab lovin'

Onto the next festival! Which festival will you guys attend this summer? 

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