Friday, July 31, 2015

We Wear: Wedding attire

Ahhh weddings, if not for the food, I love attending them because they provide the perfect occasion for me to dress up and go all the way. Already over a month ago (where did *time* go?), I was invited to the wedding of one of my childhood friends who I've known since I was still getting my Barbie doll named Jessica in all kinds of trouble ranging from graffiti spraying to skipping class. Merely thinking about how we used to spend over a day just dividing up all the garments, tiny shoes, furniture, cars... before we could even think about really playing with our expanded Barbie set just makes me long for those days (where did *time* go²). Or you know, makes me want to own a house just like my Barbie did: Hell, who doesn't want a pink mansion? 

I saw this dress online over at Sheinside (now Shein) and just knew I had to click it home. Only afterwards I realised it would be absolutely perfect to wear to my friend's wedding. The quality with these budget websites is always tricky though, so I wasn't entirely sure how it would end up. But the beauty of it is that for only 30 euros, you can never make too big of a mistake. I unpacked it and it was absolutely gorgeous! Although I have to admit that it seemed to be tailored for a giant as it was to long for me with my 1.75 meters in high heels.  No worries, thanks to my grandma that got dealt with the appropriate way. 

This dress also sparked my omnipresent mermaid gene once more and I thus wanted mermaid hair. I brought in my sister who out of the blue made this fishtail braid, therefore completing my transformation. I am really satisfied with how everything turned out, the wedding was awesome with a lot of dancing and gin tonics and my friend looked absolutely stunning. Now, can someone please invite me to a fancy party so I can wear this stunner once more? That would be great. 

PS: Due to circumstances as in me forgetting to bring my camera, these pictures were taken with my phone which is getting crappier by the minute. 

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