Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We Wear: Heatwave essentials

Heat waves in Belgium really are the best. Sure, it's too hot to do anything other than lounging at or in a swimming pool/lake/your garden and clothes are just a necessary evil, which causes everybody to search for the most breezy garments. After a long work week, with only limited time spent playing in the sun, I was more than ready for the weekend. I vowed I wasn't gonna wear anything other than short shorts, bikinis, and shirts classified as 'not appropriate for the office'. The weekend was kick-started on Friday as I went swimming on my day off, followed by a barbecue and an open air party on what was apparently the hottest night EVER in Belgium. The next day was again meant for swimming, followed again by a barbecue and a walk to end the tiresome day(s), which explains my dime eyes in these pictures. On Sunday I did manage to go for a run, but afterwards I switched my running gear for a bikini and hung at in the garden all afternoon. In summary, the weekend was the perfect combination of party/relax, something only improved by the gracious appearance of the sun. 

Not only small eyes, but also fresh out of the shower wet hair and a general bored look on my face. Scratch the latter though, I was not at all bored, but just really, really satisfied. Onto the next heat wave. Please? 
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