Wednesday, August 5, 2015

We Wear: Lies en Oreye.

6 AM is where the magic happens folks. I will generally deny this as I have to get up at this unholy (yet magical) hour every day for work. But on a random Sunday I don't mind getting up even more early to rummage around at a flea market. (I actually DO mind the first half hour after I dragged myself out of bed, but it's all uphill after coffee.)

While most of the vendors where still building their stall, I took advantage of the magical lighting the upcoming sun brought along and took some outfit pictures. I brought an apple because I didn't have the time for a proper breakfast and totally used it as a prop. Snow White much?

We didn't find many treasures unfortunately but I did find a brass pineapple for 8 euros which you can find on Etsy for the nominal price of 100 euros and counting!. Thank you old lady! 

We also spotted kittens, dogs and a pig with two goats crossing the street.

WARNING! Picture overload.

I'm wearing: 
Cardigan: H&M 
Top: Asos 
Dungarees: Only via Zalando 
Sneakers: Vans via Zalando 
Hair bow: H&M 
Purse: Kling 
Bracelet: Leathers and Feathers 
(New) Glasses: Liu Jo via Optiek Scherpesteen

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