Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We Wear: Baseball shirt

I admit it, I'm one of those girls who likes looking at gorgeous girls with great outfits, fabulous make-up, awesome hair, perfect legs, arms, shoulders (one of my latest obsessions - don't ask), and you know, awesome lives in general. And once every blue moon, I get completely obsessed and suffer from a major girl crush. Lately, it has all been about the absolute stunner Samii Ryan: LA resident, model, jewellery designer, blogger and all-round beautiful specimen.

Before (completely) overdoing it with adjectives to describe her, I'll get to the point. Because of stalking her blog and Instagram ferociously, I felt enormously inspired by her style and that is pretty noticeable in today's outfit. I have to admit though that Samii would probably ditch the pants in its entirety. Unfortunately however, I'm in Belgium where the weather is not as it is in LA, to say the least. Also missing is a dreamy backdrop of palm trees, but at least I got the shirt to evoke some LA vibes. 


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