Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Dare to do dungarees

Today I'll take you guys back to the old school. Remember those times when all you had to worry about was getting at the dinner table in the evening in time in order to not piss off your mom? Those times when around this time of the year friends came on play dates, tents were built, Barbie dolls lived a dream life, camps were set up in the woods/backyard, trees were climbed and intruders were 'shot' with a bow and an arrow. Yes, I'm referring to the wonder years: childhood. 

I remember packing my backpack with all necessities for an afternoon of survival in the forest (read: our backyard and more importantly the meadows and orchards that lay behind it). A little something to drink, a cookie, my binoculars and my drawing pad with a lead pencil was really all I needed. I would stay away for hours, pretending to be an adventurist and drawing things (both real things as imaginative, although I'm still pretty sure I saw a real gnome back then). 

From time to time, it is necessary to let that inner child come out and play. So why not dress appropriately when that time comes? In my opinion, there is nothing more of a typical outfit for me when I was a kid than dungarees, although I have to admit I was more into the skirt dungarees at the time. 

Converses on, longboard with and let's play! 
(And maybe I should get that drawing pad from under the dust and go seek more adventures.)

PS: Those who follow me on Instagram (@sneilorak) might have already noticed, but there were also some cows involved in this little adventure! 

Dungarees: New Look - Striped top, neon bra: H&M - Sunglasses: Vans - Shoes: Converse - Trucker cap: ? - Leather backpack: Morocco

 I'm really a kid, can't even dress myself properly 

P.S.: Listen to this great song as it is quite appropriate for today's post (Iron Chic - Timecop):

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  1. Ik vind de abdij van 't park zo fijn <3 da's quasi achter mijn huis en ik ga er altijd lopen / wandelen en heb het pas ook ontdekt als fijn plekje voor outfitfoto's ;) Ik ga dat missen als ik in Antwerpen woon!
    En ik was vroeger ook mega salopettenfan haha, ik had er ook eentje en ik heb die echt gedragen tot het ├ęcht niet meer ging en nooit een nieuwe gevonden :( Misschien is het nu de moment om nog eens op zoek te gaan!


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