Monday, January 21, 2013


Socks. Not really the most interesting piece of clothing one can wear, nor an item that usually draws attention. I have to admit, I myself almost always wear plain black socks, mostly because it's easy to combine with just about anything. Nevertheless, I do appreciate an outfit that toys around with whimsical socks to give it an extra funny edge. The style that immediately pops in my mind are brogues combined with colored, printed socks. For men, but also in a more androgynous style for women. I actually also like printed socks combined with Vans, but I couldn't find a decent picture to illustrate it. Use your imagination though, you can do it!
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With this in mind, I wanted to introduce you to a brand that specializes in funny, edgy socks: Sock You. This brand is not afraid of being different and yells a big 'Sock you!' to all boring socks out there! Because it is a local brand and local brands should be supported as much as possible, go check them out. The socks are all one size and unisex and you can order them online or go to one of the dealers (sounds like drugs, but okay, don't mean that!). 

I have already bought the Skeletors (last picture) and totally love them! The online service is also very good: very client friendly and when my package didn't arrive, they helped me as fast and as good as possible. Even got an extra pair for free, because the wait was longer than expected. Now, let's go buy some socks!

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