Monday, January 28, 2013

INSPIRATION: Fruitylicious

Two weeks ago, I was sale shopping in Antwerp. At Urban Outfitters I spotted a purrrr-fect citrus printed blouse. In fact, it seemed like one of my grandma's tablecloths hanging on a clothing rack. That's enough for me to tickle my fancy. My heart started pounding, my pace was speeding up and I kept my elbows ready to push potential danger (read: other customers) to the far end of the store. I felt like holding the Holy Grail with rays of sunlight bursting out when I got my hands on that blouse. Very proud of my find, I showed it to my boyfriend who ALSO liked it. But of course, all good things come to an end. I noticed the price tag on which they wrote: "Damaged: hole". And it wasn't just a hole, the whole backside was torn along the seam, so with pouting lips I hung my treasure back on the rack. While thinking of it in retrospect, I should've asked for a major discount. I maybe could've done something else with that lovely print. However, I'm not much of a crafty wizard.

But ever since that unfortunate event, the citrus and fruity prints keep popping up in my head. They're just such a fun and quirky add to your outfit. I already have this tank top with a giant strawberry which I bring with me to like every festival I attend. It's cute and fun! And though Stella McCartney already used citrus as inspiration for her SS11 collection, I think it will never go out of style. Or at least not now.

 Here are my favorite online finds:

Stella McCartney SS11

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Isn't that pineapple playsuit to die for? Number two really resembles the one I found at Urban Outfitters! What do you guys think of citrus and/or fruit prints? Are you horrified by the thought, or does it make you feel nostalgic like me? Thinking of citrus always makes me thirsty.

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  1. Supercool vind ik die trend, heb zelf ook zo'n wollen-fruit-tuniek, maar in de zomer kan het ook echt fris overkomen! Ik ben wel fan van hemd 2!

    x Denbelle


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