Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Summer skirt

Coat, scarf, skirt: H&M - Jumper: Romwe - Ballerinas, bag: Zara - Bracelet: Mango - Earrings: ModCloth - Ring: Carrefour - Nailpolish: Catrice Pimp my Shrimp

I'm fully aware that this title may raise some eyebrows. It's midst winter, on the news they're constantly talking 'bout the snow and the heavy traffic thereby, and I'm frolicking about in my summer skin skirt. I have to be honest that I took these pictures on Sunday and no snow was to be seen (yet). It was freezing cold though, that's why I paired my breezy skirt with my less breezy Romwe jumper and H&M leopard coat. Okay, the ballerinas are way too optimistic for this time of year BUT it has been autumn weather up until last week, so I didn't want to give up on them just yet. They've been my partners in crime for three years now, picked them up at Zara and I still love them.

 The jumper is one of my first online buys and I simply ADORE it. The color, the fit, the spikes...ALL is good! I also bought the cat jumper as seen here, but it's a tad too baggy for me. It's perfect to just hang around on a Sunday afternoon but it's too shapeless for me to wear on a regular basis, for instance for work. BUT when I see this outfit by The Mad Twins, I feel like I should give this jumper another try. Try to style it unthought-of maybe. I'll let you know how that works out. 

 I really love how this outfit turned out. I feel like this is a real Lies-outfit (pink and green combined, what a surprise) in which I feel perfectly comfortable. So I was eager to go out on Sunday! Grab a coffee or something, but all of my friends were busy or car-less. What a loss for the world. Also, once the holidays are over I'm totally ready for spring. When sitting behind glass and looking at the sun, I can almost SMELL spring is around the corner. I always get this nostalgic spring vibe around this time of year, so I added a mini moodboard at the end of the post to express my vibe. Wasn't easy to find the right pictures though, just retro and vintage isn't enough! Also listen to the song, it's a great song.

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