Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Pot of gold and a leprechaun

Haha fooled ya! No pot of gold (sadly) and no leprechaun (even more sad), but a lot of gold is definitely going on here. When I bought the golden skirt, I could already see myself wearing it with a chunky oversized sweater to balance its chicness (what a weird word) a little bit out. I mean, yes, I could wear this skirt in an obvious festive way, but that's not exactly how I wanted to style it. And more importantly, I did not only want to wear it on New Year's Eve or something like that. Therefore, I toughened it up a little bit.

Because I (also) wanted to wear this outfit to work, I decided to combine it with all black items. First, because the combination black & yellow, I mean black & gold, can't go wrong. Second, because a golden skirt is quite eye-catching and I wanted to limit the eye-catching to the skirt. Additionally, the combination of the skirt and my pink hair always give me the feeling that it's on the edge of stylish and almost over to the dark side. I was thinking about letting the pink colour in my hair fade out, but in the meantime, I've already re-dyed my hair. And I'm thinking about dying the ends of my hair in a bit of a purple shade to have some sort of transition from pink to purple. What do you think?

PS: When looking at the pictures, I think the outfit may be a little bit to black. It's weird to see myself in so much black. What's even more weird is that I have in fact tons of black items, but hardly ever wear them together. 

Sweater, skirt: New Yorker - Stockings: Zeeman - Ring: New Look - Sunglasses: Vans - Fur, beanie: H&M - Coat: Primark - Shoes: Van Dalen


  1. Leuk rokje, en het is niet té veel zwart in mijn ogen, soms mag dat gewoon ;)

    x Denbelle

  2. Jaa, ga ik wel mee akkoord, maar het blijft raar om het bij mezelf te zien! Bij andere mensen vind ik een all black outfit meestal zelfs héél mooi!


Thank you!


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