Saturday, November 9, 2013

Red Carpet

Hat, skinnies, Chelsea Boots: H&M - Coat, scarf: Zara - Top: Mango - Earrings: Veritas

I promised you another outfit this week, and here it is starring a lot of newbies. I went to a lecture about typography on Tuesday at Z33 in Hasselt but beforehand I wanted to go shopping because I was determined I needed a hat in my wardrobe. No sooner said than done, I found mine at H&M and it immediately came in quite handy as it was raining cats and dogs. People always tend to look weird whenever you put something on your head or in your hair, or at least that's how it feels for me whenever I'm wearing my flower headband, my hat or having my head wrapped in my scarf. Seriously, what's so weird about it?

Second, there are THE SHOES, I was talking about here. I spotted them again some time ago in Antwerp and didn't think twice. I just had to be the owner of this great pair of Chelsea Boots because I can't pull of biker boots. I don't know why, they never suit me. I'm really digging these because the classic model has been spiced up with the buckles and the tiny iron strip on the back. Perfect detail, perfect combo of Chelsea Boots meets biker boots.

Next up my incredible Zara blanket scarf I picked up in Paris. It's so BIG and soft and warm, I really love it. It is the perfect item to keep you warm without having to grab your winter coat already. My jacket and top are a bit chilly for this kind of weather, but this scarf really makes up for that. Talking about my top. It's also new, it's from Mango and I got it with a discount. Ka-ching! I love the combination of the more preppy look of my top with my more grungy sort of pants. 

I'm going to channel my inner Cleopatra now and get ready for an Egyptian themed party later tonight. 


  1. Mooie outfit! Ik vind je sjaal echt prachtig :)

  2. Wow kei mooie foto's en outfit! Vooral de sjaal :)

  3. En weer eens een prachtige outfit! Zo mooi, je hoedje en de sjaal. Laat ze maar kijken ;)

  4. Zalige foto's! Ik wil die tartan sjaal :D

  5. leuke outfit! coole shoes en oorbellen! & natuurlijk super leuke hoed wij zijn er ook helemaal weg van!! xx

  6. Zo een mooie fotoreeks! Loving the hat!


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