Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Leopardly grey

 Coat, top, skinnies: H&M - Glitter boots: New Look - Earrings: Retro and Chic

This is an outfit I wore a couple of weeks back. Since I don't wear my pretty leopard coat nearly enough, I want to grab every opportunity to show you the outfits in which I am actually wearing it. In this post I was talking about how I need a pair of grey skinnies, but I concluded that my washed down black ones would suit just as fine. Of course, only a week later I spotted these, tried them one and took them home. So whenever I want something, I'm going to stop thinking about it and decide I don't need it. Apparently that's the trick for getting what you want.

My mind kind of is a blank today so I don't have much to add. There are some other newbies in my closet that I am dying to show you, so to make up for my silence I'll show another outfit later on this week! You excited yet?


  1. Heel fijne outfit! Ik heb een gelijkaardig shirtje, maar de touwtjes zijn mij wat te lang... ik wil er al lang de schaar in zetten en dit is nog eens goeie motivatie ;)

  2. Mooie broek! Ik vind ook echt nooit de spullen die ik wil als ik er achter aan het zoeken ben. Die jas moet je echt meer aandoen ;)
    Naomi, x

  3. Looooove! Prachtige outfit, geweldige schoenen ;)

  4. Thx! Schoenen waren zelfs een soldenkoopje, glitters voor 9 euro!

  5. Thx! En zeker doen, het brengt toch meteen wat leven in je outfit :)


Thank you!


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