Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Sunny tartan in the fall

Don't you just love those perfect fall days when the light hits the threes and the fallen leaves just right? On moments like this, I doubt whether characterizing myself as a summer person still goes. Where I have no hesitation about however is the fact that I'm a pure beanie addict. I just cannot leave the house anymore without something on my head - also, perfect to keep my hair under control and obey my rules. Therefore, a few weeks back I decided that two beanies just wouldn't cut it this fall/winter and so the search commenced. Do any of you experience getting something/some item stuck in your head and going to great lengths to obtain that certain something? Of course I'm talking at the moment about superficial things you want to buy, but I guess that might characterize a person with great determination who is willing to do what it takes to reach certain goals. Who knew shopping behavior could explain your psyche, right?

Beanie: Choies - Tartan shirt, shirt: H&M - Denim shorts: New Look - Flatforms: from Barcelona - Tights: River Island

So I bought three beanies already, and I'm not even halfway done. Here I'm wearing one of my favorites, searched in the quest by everyone known as 'I must have a beanie with some random text on it'. I can tell you I succeeded (double, but you'll probably see that soon enough). 

Currently listening to:
A combination of Bob Dylan (yes, I saw the great man perform this weekend) and Jimmy Eat World. 
Currently craving for (fashion wise or other):
People to use their common sense more often


Thank you!


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