Sunday, October 20, 2013

10 random facts: Lies

It doesn't always have to be fashion, right? I like to read some more personal posts from my fellow bloggers because I like to get to know the person behind the blog. And I don't mean sharing every little detail of your private life, but little snippets of random facts tend to make me smile. So it was about time we did something like that too! Here are my 10 random facts you didn't know about me yet (I hope):

1. I have a weird twist in my brain, that makes me mix up left with right all the time. Don't you ever take directions from me!

2. I just started studying Swedish in evening classes. For no particular reason, I like the language and learning new things is always a good idea. Jag heter Lies, jag är grafisk formgivare och jag har inte barn. That's about all I can say but you just wait 'till the end of this year!

3. The hairdresser has to be very careful when cutting my bangs as I like to refer to them as my "danger zone". I mostly cut them myself and back in the days I even took a hot iron with me to Pukkelpop. Hair issues since 1987 I tell ya.

4. I've been bullied as a kid and still like my cats more than I do most people.

5. I have an older brother who lives in Japan. Hi, brother! He introduced me to sushi back in 2006 and it has become a part of my regular diet ever since (slightly addicted). He even said that I actually eat more sushi than he does in Japan. We visited him in Japan in 2009, still wanting to go back soon!

6. While my brother is the one living in Japan, I'm the one being called the "Chinese" one. Something with my eyes, although I don't see it all the time. Chinese or 16, it's either one.

7. I'm traumatised by the movie "The Ring" and will never watch a movie with scary kids again. I'm easily frightened. Slam a door too hard and I will jump from my seat, for real.

8. We all have our actor-crushes, mine's first names almost all start with the letter J: Johnny Depp, Joaquin Phoenix, Jared Leto, John Travolta, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joshua Jackson, Joseph Gorden-Levitt, Josh Holloway. I see a pattern, don't you? (No, I swear I have never listed them before and they are not in order of cuteness.)

9. I once saw the boyband "Five" perform at "10 om te zien" (a Belgian music television show) and started crying.

10. As a kid I was crazy about the Walt Disney movie "That darn cat" and watched it a gazillion times. I watched it again some time ago (the fifties version, not the stupid remake with Christina Ricci) and I still LOVED it. I laughed so hard, tears were rolling out of my eyes. Plus they have a pastel bedroom and wear pretty clothes! A must-see for all you fashionable crazy cat ladies! I still knew all the dialogues..

Please do let us know if you like posts like these! Because your opinion COUNTS and you know it! ;)


  1. Superleuk! Punt 1 & 4 double check :D, en punt 9 heb ik vaak voor met Beyoncé :p
    Omg die Disney film ken ik totaaaal niet, eens checken!
    Deze week Joseph Gordon-Levitt op het filmfestival in Gent gezien, wat een cutie!
    Naomi, x

  2. Superleuke post! Idd leuk om de blogger achter de blog te leren kennen :p

  3. Leuke post, heel herkenbaar in sommige puntjes ;)
    The ring zien als dertienjarige was een grote fout in mijn leven!

  4. Now tell me something i don't know :) bästa vänner för alltid <3

  5. Ik heb soms nog altijd bang dat de TV plots aan gaat en er een langharig meisje uit komt gekropen.. Chicken shit!

  6. Thx! En die film is een echte aanrader! Ideaal voor een lazy, feel good zondag!

  7. Haha, heerlijk. Jag talar ochsa lite sevenska (het bolletje op de a van ochsa moet je er maar bijdenken) ;)


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