Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Paris, mais oui!

A few days after my fabulous trip to Barcelona and with not even enough time to catch my breath, I joined my friends to hop on the Thalys, destination Paris for a short city trip. Because I was so very fond of my outfit - in my opinion it was the most Parisian I could get - I only took that one outfit with me for the weekend. And I don't know about you guys, but that is SO unlike me. Most of the time I can't decide on which crap to take with me, leading to me taking everything with me that surrounds me at le moment suprême of packing my bags. Not this time, no sir! I guess all the travelling this year at least taught me how to pack efficiently and minimalistic.

Coat: Sheinside - Denim shirt: Bershka - Skirt, tights: Boohoo - Bag: New Yorker - Loafers: Primark - Bowler hat, white shirt: H&M - Sunglasses: Vans 

I only received the stocking/tights in the mail a few days before leaving for Paris and of course they had to be worn in Paris. I got a lot of interested looks when strolling the streets of Paris, bartenders pointing at my legs screaming 'Le tour Eiffel! Le Notre dame!' and strangers that snapped pictures without even hiding it a little bit. When I take a picture of a stranger, I at least try to be subtle. That's just common courtesy. 

I already noticed quite some blogger dress accordingly to the country/city they're visiting. Is it really a well-known phenomenon, aka do you guys do it? 

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  1. Un vraiment parisienne!

  2. Haha die panties zijn zalig! :D Heel mooi met dat bordeaux rokje
    Naomi, x


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