Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We Wear: "These boots are too metal for you"

- quote by Lorenz. He really dislikes these boots and doesn't get why I like them so much. I was in need, in desperate need of some biker boots. But my standards were high and the biker boots crossing my path did not meet up to them. I do not have the easiest figure for boots: they tend to make me really short when the calf does not rise high enough, I didn't want the nose to point upward are be too round and I didn't want boots that would be too plain nor too much (you wouldn't believe the amount of hideous cowboy boots that came along this long long search). And then these Rebecca Minkoff boots passed along during my search with only one downside: my size was no longer available. Now that's a downside you cannot ignore. To cheer myself up I ordered another pair that met up with my standards, was disappointed when they arrived, returned them (thank God for that) and started wining to my boyfriend that the perfect pair of biker boots was out of reach and that life wasn't fair. I wanted to show them to him when suddenly...MY SIZE WAS BACK YO! So that's exactly what I yelled at him before I clicked them to my basket and wallowed myself in happiness and pink clouds.

And they do not disappoint. I love every inch of these boots and I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear out of them. I also promise to make an outfit with them and to shoot that outfit in daylight instead of underneath a street lantern.

Next story of a long long search: the boyfriend jeans. To be continued!

I'm wearing: 
Scarf: Asos
Coat: SheInside
Top: VILA via Zalando
Skinny jeans: H&M
Boots: Rebecca Minkoff via Zalando
Purse: H&M

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