Friday, February 26, 2016

We wear: Fringes

It's the end of February and my mind is more concerned with short shorts, pastel everything and bare legs than with the actual (read: lousy) weather forecasts. Momma don't wanna wear no black anymore. Sorry, those are lies, momma - I have no idea why I'm referring to myself as momma, so unfitting - loves black outfits, even in the midst of summer. You get what I mean though, SS16 collections are popping up and I'm just sick of winter all of a sudden. Especially since having a look at the new collection at SKIM, which we will tell you all about this weekend! I will miss wearing my long black duster coat though, elegant yet a touch of a homeless vibe, the most perfect combination ever. What will also be missed are beanies, especially on bad hair days or just windy days in general. However, since my favorite beanie got stolen this week, I really think it's time for spring to arrive. The coat and beanies are the only things I'll miss when spring hits us, I promise. 

So, where you at, sunshine?

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