Wednesday, February 10, 2016

We wear: Coffee casual

Aah coffee, it wasn't love at first sight - I'll put you in the same category as beer for that matter - but boy oh boy, you are an essential part of my life now. Yes, I can live without my daily cup(s) of coffee but only when I'm on a holiday (yay!) or hungover (less yay...). In all other cases, I need it, I want it, I'll have it, which explains why I couldn't resist this sweatshirt. I'm pretty sure it's meant as a pajama sweatshirt, but let's face it, that's way too hot to sleep in anyway and who needs a shirt screaming for coffee when they're sleeping, amirite?

Another thing I couldn't resist were these boots *insert heart emoji*. I spotted them online, ignored them, put them in the back of my mind and tried to forget about them because they were not particularly versatile and I half expected them to destroy my feet. Before I knew it though, they were discounted and the rest of the story is pretty much history. Turns out they ARE pretty versatile, if you're pretending to be a rock star on a day off, which is generally how I feel, walk and talk. They also reach a comfort level I did not expect at all!  Furthermore, they turned out to be the perfect eye catcher when attending a staff party requiring a 'Black with a touch of bling' dress code. WIN WIN WIN!

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