Tuesday, February 23, 2016

We like: Dolphins & Titi + the German Kid

 Club Titi Tote Bag

I kind of already had a feeling the newest Titi + the German Kid collection would fit me like a figurative glove, and not only because I'm pretty fond of the Belgian brand in general. This particular one, with teasers of dolphins, tennis vibes, soft pink mixed with mint green, caught my attention time after time and is exactly what I want to be wearing all spring and summer long! Goddamn, I like, I like A LOT! I already snagged a shirt home with me on the opening night, but there's this one sweater that was begging to be brought home with me... I didn't cave just yet, but I think I already made peace with the fact that I shall have to have it. What a sacrifice this life can be. Thank God I already got the perfect sneakers coming in soon to fully complete my summer tennis outfit. More on the blog soon!

Check out a glimpse of the newest collection (not all the items we lololoved can be portrayed here, because that would be everything):

Image of Forever Tennis Shirt

Image of Club Titi shirt (girl fit)
Dolphin Brief
Forever Tennis Backpack
And here it is, the dream *insert heart eyes*:
Image of Arrow sweater

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