Friday, October 31, 2014

We Wear: High waisted denim and leopard

I know, this outfit is not entirely current season approved, but I actually wore it merely two weeks ago. Yep, the Indian summer's last convulses hit us hard that particular weekend - and it seems that this weekend we'll be experiencing some more lovely weather. It may have been a warm weekend when these pictures were taken, if you look at the pictures you can definitely tell summer had already left the building. As a result, the light was either too much or too little, which made taking pictures pretty hard. However, that kind of weather gives and takes, consequently leading to inadvertently awesome or not so awesome pictures. Either way, I have to say I quite love how the pictures turned out. And whatever the pictures, my inner 90s child was happy it could come out and play once more.

Blouse: Stradivarius - Slip-ons: some store in Lisbon - Crop top: H&M - Tote bag: Titi and the German Kid - Ripped denim: Bershka - Sunglasses: Vans


Different topic. Of course you all know, October equals Halloween equals ONLYTHEBESTTIMEOFTHEYEAR - although I have been known to say that every month or so about different occasions. But seriously, I have said it a thousand times and I will say it a thousand more: I love dressing up and I love the gloomy, scary vibe of Halloween. This year's outfit is gonna kick monkey balls!  I will have to leave you guys in suspense until after the weekend though, but you can check out my Instagram (@sneilorak) for a sneak peek. Also, check out this and this if you need some inspiration.

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