Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We Wear: Dancing in the dark, blinded by the lights.

Leopard bomber jacket: NastyGal - T-shirt: Ebay - Skinnies, purse: Asos - Chelsea boots: H&M

The title of this post seems appropriate as I was forced to take my outfit pictures in the dark. I usually take them after work on Monday or Tuesday - for some reason it never works out in weekends - but I clearly didn't take the whole it-gets-dark-at-5-thing in account. It's been a challenge, but I actually like these pictures.

I'm finally showing you the t-shirt I bought for the Blondie concert. It's a reproduction of the one she used to wear, only difference is I am wearing panties underneath. Anyhow, I love it and whenever I want to channel my inner Debbie Harry, I slip into this shirt. I combined it with my new favorite pants from Asos and my good old Chelsea boots. To not be a total predictable nag, I decided to wear my furry leopard bomber jacket to top things of. It's so furry and soft and ideal for these days that start to get colder. I know Karolien was wearing a crop top in her previous post, but times they are a-changing and I can feel hell freezing over.

I think it's because of my job, but I spend a lot more time on online shops than I used to (you know what they say about self-wisdom), and that's how I stumbled upon this cute little cat purse on Asos. I clicked it to my shopping cart together with a dress I might wear for New Year's Eve. Excited yet?

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