Thursday, November 13, 2014

We Wear: Blanket blues

Whilst writing this after a long Wednesday, I literally feel the bags under my eyes growing and my body is incessantly craving to answer the call of the couch. Which explains the perhaps weird title choice and actually also the outfit of today's blog post. Yup, comfy and warmly wrapped up does the trick each and every time when feeling a little under the weather. No worries though, it is all my own fault: Depriving yourself from sleep and jumping like a lunatic up and down at a concert is perhaps not the best idea when feeling on the verge of coming down with a cold. But hey, whatever body, my mind is still the master in the end!

I don't often wear outfits like these or at least I didn't use to, but lately I'm drawn to simplicity and warm plain knits, especially in the weekend. And after all, going for a hike in a forest - also something I used to not do - screams comfortable, weather-protective clothes. What do you guys wear on off days when feeling somewhat blue? Dressing up or wrapping up in the most blanket like clothes you can possibly get your hands on?

Knit: Boohoo - Denim: Bershka - Rain boots: Action - Scarf: New Look - Bag: Sister (Hasselt) 


PS: Remember last time I was going on and on about Halloween. Well, my costume was a big success. However, I forgot to take actual outfit pictures, but luckily a whole lot of pictures were snapped at the party so I'm sure I can find something decent (let's hope there are pictures of me from that night not drinking, eating or opening my mouth to share some highly interesting thoughts). My point was: Expect a post-Halloween post soon, very soon! 

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