Thursday, November 20, 2014

We Do: Halloween

Yes, I am fully aware Halloween is already almost a month ago, but considering I promised last week to show you my Halloween outfit - which I'm quite proud of - and some Halloween themed party decorations, here we are. Besides, Halloween is fewer days ago than Christmas is ahead of us - lawyer out.

This year for Halloween, I decided to dress up as a character I made up from combining elements from other disguises and themes. There were really only two conditions: a) wear a wedding dress, and b) paint my face like a skull. Hence, Corpse Bride was born, although not Tim Burton's blueish one. I wore my mom's wedding dress which fit me like a dream, painted my face, added some leaves and dirt (not on the dress though) and I was more than ready to scare some people's pants right off. 

After deciding upon the outfit in August or so (seriously), I went through the roof from happiness when I learned I would have an actual Halloween party (!) this year, as my sister decided - with a little bit of convincing from yours truly - that she would throw a Halloween themed birthday party. Even though I transformed into a manic and slightly crazy party planner, our hard work paid off as evidenced by the results below. 

I hope you'll get some inspiration for next year and as for now, let the holidays come (but first our little tradition of Sinterklaas, obviously)!


  1. superleuk gedaan! nu wil ik meer foto's zien van die trouwjurk :D oude trouwjurken zijn awesome

  2. Thanks! Misschien dat ik nog wel eens een niet-Halloween gerelateerde post maak met de jurk; hij is inderdaad nog heel mooi :)

  3. Awesomeballs, ook mooie decoraties :)
    Naomi, x


Thank you!


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