Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We Wear: Cats (and some more leopard)

That's right, even more leopard, and I'm not even sorry. I'm a big fan of the feline family and leopard prints in particular. But I spotted this cat shirt at a local skate shop while the bf was browsing for a new shirt, and decided my outfits need a smaller feline. You know, to even things out.

To keep things all "in the family" I paired this shirt with my new leopard booties. Also because I tend to wear all my new stuff immediately and I bought these (including bomber jack) within a time span of two days. The booties and vest are from Paplou in Hasselt and I bought them after Karolien and myself featured in a mini fashion shoot they organised. We'll tell you more about that later, when we have actually received all of the pictures. But I can tell you already that it has been loads of fun and I'm excited to see the results! Paplou used to be a vintage / secondhand store and while they still have a vintage collection, they now also sell brands like Louche and Sugarhill Boutique. And don't worry when you think all those frilly dresses are not for you, because they have a lot more than just that! Also funny gadgets, defs worth a visit for Christmas. I have to be honest and tell you that I hadn't visited Paplou yet since its new owners, but I have a creeping suspicion that they haven't seen the last of me (I spotted a white and fluffy top and it's still on my mind).


Thank you!


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