Thursday, October 6, 2016

We Wear: Pineapple gown and shorts at the Odaiba rainbow bridge

Pineapple gown: H&M
Top: Mango
Shorts: Even&Odd via Zalando
Leopard belt: Veritas
Duffle bag: New Look via Zalando
Sneakers: Vans via La Bottega

My title might insinuate I only wore this outfit in Odaiba, but truth be told: this lightweight pineapple gown has been glued to my body throughout Japan. And you can take that quite literally as Tokio and Kyoto were pretty moist. I was mentally prepared for temperatures reaching 30°C but one cannot simply prepare for an increased amount of humidity in the air. Nor can my hair which I ineffectively tried to battle with my straightening iron. It looks okay here, but don't let lo(o)(c)ks deceive you.

I'm not completely ready yet to be reminiscing about Japan because it makes me...homesick? Japan sick? Everything I saw was either cute, colorful, pretty, Lorenz or Hello Kitty. Japan stole my heart right away.

We went to Odaiba because Lorenz wanted to spot the life size Gundam statue. If this doesn't already tickle your fancy, I don't know what else will. So we hopped on the train towards Tokyo Teleport Station, saw the statue, ate a soft ice, bought some shoes and hung out at the bay while catching Pokémon. We didn't know at the moment but Odaiba seems to be quite the hotspot for Pokémon and legends say the rare Lapras has been spotted there.

It was the perfect lazy getaway and we ended the day with sushi back at Shibuya at a place called Genki Sushi. Genki Sushi is sort of a "sushi-go-round" place except the sushi doesn't go all around the restaurant, it stops right in front of you via a conveyer belt after you order it on the computer in front of you. Genius! Here's a picture of me sipping miso soup with bags under my eyes:

Over and out now! Expect a lot more Japan updates in the following weeks!

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