Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We Wear: Indian Summer

Yes, summer finally hit us somewhere in August, followed by a lovely Indian summer that unfortunately slowly appears to be coming to an end. That immediately explains the silence - dead silence - up here on the blog. But while Lies is still enjoying her time in Japan, I am more than ready to kick it up a notch again! Although I really love summer in all its aspects, I have to say that I feel like fashion inspiration in summer doesn't really come around the corner that often. Or maybe that has mostly to do with the heat waves that hit us the past couple of months. On days like that I can only think about easy, breezy, simple outfits, which is more of the same thing each and every time. Not very interesting to look at. So although I absolutely hate summer coming to an end - Cali girl right here - I'm an optimist trying to find joys in the biggest tragedies and that tragedy right now is fall. Winter. Cold. The good part? Cool, interesting outfits, yihaa!

But until that moment, let's just enjoy the last few days of gorgeous weather in outfits like these. 

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