Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We Wear: The better you dress, the worse you can behave

Today's outfit consists of a collision of some new and some rather old favorites. New in are the Sternum necklace that I got for my birthday and immediately became lord and master of my jewellery cabinet, as well as the rose gold loafers (another birthday present) and the soft pink leather jacket. I may or may not have been dreaming about combining these together at a moment in time where I had none of them already in my possession. Old items consists of the Titi + The German Kid shirt I bought last year (SUCH a winner still) and the skirt that has a story all on its own. 

I bought the maxi skirt at a very budget store. For those of you who know me, I definitely AM a budget type of girl, so when I say very budget, well, all bets are off. I bought it at Wibra last year and as I have friends who don't want to be spotted carrying a plastic bag from that store, I can only assume what may be going through you minds. However, no shame, as it is lovely and of pretty decent quality. Although I have to admit that as of lately I'm rethinking the whole 'budget shopping' for both ethical reasons and sustainability issues. 

How about you, do you have a guilty pleasure/dirtly little secret store you like to spend time in? 

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