Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We Wear: Tutu

There's (at least) one moment in my childhood that has created major trauma still surfacing today. That is the moment I as a stubborn eight year-old decided I wanted to take ballet class. I had friends doing the class already and they invited me to come and take a look. I was mesmerized during the entirety of the class - which says something as I am and always have been more of a doer than a bystander. Not that the ballet moves and dances were all that interesting for me, it was more about the glittering, soft pink tutus that were so incredibly eye-catching. After the class, we went home and I told my mom that my new hobby would be ballet. She wasn't a big fan - secretly, I think she wished for boys that would play soccer - not in the very least because she too noticed that I wasn't all that captivated by ballet in itself as I was by the outfits. The story ended quite dramatically in me not being allowed to take ballet class. 

Fast forward to around the year 2005-2006, where I finally slightly gave into that childhood craving of mine: I bought a tutu and my mom hated every bit of it. However, it still didn't quite feel right as it was a grey one and we all know tutus are supposed to be pink. 

And that brings me to the day of today. I finally found that dreamy, soft pink tutu and I couldn't be happier. Especially since it was quite a search. Imagine me browsing Amsterdam and stumbling upon a great but rather expensive tutu. I couldn't spend that much money on something that whimsical, so I had to say goodbye to it. I was absolute bummed and couldn't stop thinking about/searching for/nagging about a tutu (insert obsessive behavior) and all of a sudden, there it was: The dream, that proved to be perfect for channeling my inner Carrie at my grandma's 80th birthday party. 

PS: This shirt seems to be one of my new go-to's. 

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