Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We Wear: Shine bright

I recently joined forces with what is on a fast track of becoming one of my favorite basics: the black turtleneck. Actually, I was going to write that I rekindled my love for this piece, but that would be a lie. I remember being forced to wear turtlenecks all winter when I was in primary school and hating every moment of it. From the static electricity gluing my hair to my face to the tickling of the turtleneck and the constant feeling of not being able to breathe as I was supposed to when playing at the schoolyard. Yep, I hated turtlenecks, especially the dark brown one I was obliged to wear on what seems a daily basis (still a color I hate from the depths of my soul). 

However, with the recent 90s revival and a cold winter, turtlenecks are now finally welcome in my life, although I only have one at the moment (insert sad face) and that one isn't actually technically mine at all (thank you, mom!). Nevertheless, people never change on real fundamental aspects of personality such as not being able to stand tightness around the neck, so I must admit that every single time I'm putting on this blouse, I hate it for just that fraction of a second. Luckily I get over it fairly quickly and can now finally say: Turtleneck, I'm a fan indeed. 

PS: Turtleneck would be an awesome name for a pet, I shall call my future cat Turtleneck! 

Coat: Sheinside - Overalls: New Look - Knee boots: Anna Field (Zalando) - Necklace, beanie:H&M - Bag: Primark   

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  1. Die salopette staat je echt superleuk!

    x Karen

  2. rolkragen are my faaaav in truien en tops, ik vind dat keiflatterend EN warm! :D

  3. Haha, had ik al gemerkt ja! Ik heb het ook eens geprobeerd wat gij had gedaan: een rolkraag onder een kleedje. Mij ging het precies wel niet zo goed af :(

  4. Merci! Het hing al zo lang in mijn kast te verbleken, hoog tijd om het wat vaker te dragen!

  5. Haha leuk geschreven. Kvind het ook hatelijk(het gevoekl) Maar als ik het zo zie bij jou dan vind ik het wel mooi gecombineerd .. en het is warm. Wel zeker nooit aandoen als je foundation op hebt...plekken gegarandeerd! Love your style hun'!


Thank you!


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