Saturday, February 21, 2015

We Love: Inecto "Pure Coconut" Hair Repair Treatment

I will admit I'm no beauty blogger or connaisseur even but I had my share of hair adventures. Ever since I was a little kid I have this love-hate relationship with my hair, which in the early days was more of a hate thing which grew towards "kinda like" when I got older. My biggest issues used to be that my hair was really frizzy all of the time.

In my teenage years that resulted in buying a dozen different kinds of shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and after wash treatments. It drove my mom insane as I claimed all of the cupboard space in the bathroom for my newfound hair treasures. My theory was that I didn't want my hair to get used to a certain product so I always used a different kind, which actually makes sense. Kudos for teenage Lies!

And now I have white hair. Ever since I started dyeing my own ombre (about 3 years ago) I tried to get it lighter and whiter. It was really addictive and really bad for my already split ends. I always dreamed of having long white locks but I was too afraid to actually go through with it because I feared it would turn out all yellow or even worse: destroy my hair. But when I saw Naomi from Dress Your Life rocking her new blonde hairdue I got triggered again and made an apointment with her hairdresser the very next day.

My natural hair colour is a dark shade of brown. I have no idea what my undertones are (the hairdresser told me but I forgot...). So to obtain this platina look (sounds so nineties) my hair got bleached all over twice within a time range of a month. And I can assure you your hair does not feel nice afterwards. I will not fool myself or anyone else for that matter by saying it isn't all that bad for your hair, because it really, really is. So taking care of your hair afterwards is key!

My hair doesn't dry well of it's own, I learned that's typical for dry hair. Bleaching - of course - made that worse: more dry, more porous and hard to detangle. And that's where the coconuts kick in. Sidenote: before I wash my hair, I comb it out completely to get the first knots out already. My white locks need a shampoo to decrease the yellow tones so I use a silver shampoo I bought at my hairdressers together with this shampoo from Inecto. When I rinse out this mixture I can already tell if my hair is going te behave or not. It feels different all of the time. Afterwards I use the Inecto conditioner, my holy grail of hair products. I use quite a lot because I have a lot of hair to detangle. This conditioner literally melts through my hair and instantly makes it combable (is that a word?). I always let the conditioner soak in for a while before rinsing. After rinsing my hair already feels satin soft. Afterwards I towel dry my hair a bit and spray on the leave-in conditioner together with some Mythic Oil from L'Oréal. I also comb my hair because towel drying does tangle it up a bit.

As you can see in the pictures below I also own the Inecto hair mask but I prefer using the conditioner. The hair mask is a more thick substance and I don't feel it makes my hair as soft as the regular conditioner does although it does promise a "intense hair repair". So my advice: stick to the conditioner!

Et voila, my hair looks good as new afterwards! I mostly blow dry my hair because of the slow drying process and I always use a straightening iron afterwards.

The Inecto range can be found at Essenza (or De Tuinen) and I have spotted it once at Kruidvat.
Price range:
Shampoo: €4,24 (500ml)
Conditioner: €4,24 (500ml)
Hair mask: €5,26 (100ml)
Leave-in conditioner: €6,99 (125ml) 

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