Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We Wear: Skort baby skort

As you can see, yours truly too jumped on the skort train. I wasn't really feeling the hype, when all of a sudden I saw this magnificently flower printed exemplar hanging in the virtual clothing racks at We all know the rest of that story of course. The first day I wore it, I was constantly chanting at whoever wherever "I'm wearing a skort, half skirt, half short. Get it? Get it?? GET IT?!". You understand that this might have driven my friends and family mad. What can I say, I'm into folk skorts. When looking at these and other pictures which will never see the daylight however, I do suddenly realize that one should not be caught on camera in compromising positions when wearing this beauty. Just so you know. 

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Totally prepping for tomorrow: Blink 182 in concert!
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Skort: Boohoo - Crop top, bowler hat: H&M - Jelly sandals: New Look - Bag: Ebay - Upper arm bracelet: Claire's - Sunglasses: Six 


  1. Leuke outfit enneuh... ik ben ook paraat bij Blink vanavond!

  2. Oooh zeer cute, echt geslaagd, je hebt een leuke stijl.


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