Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We Wear: Pukkelpop Attire (wishful thinking)

Shirt: Urban Outfitters - Top: H&M - Shorts + Belt: My Mum Made It - Sneakers: Vans - Sunglasses: ModCloth - Bandana: dress-up shop

Another year has flown by and again it's time for three of the best days of the year: Pukkelpop. The weather gods are being a bitch though: rain has been forecasted and again a tent has collapsed due to some heavy wind. Luckily without any victims. So this outfit may be a bit too positive, but nothing some tights, boots and knee-socks can't resolve!

Lately I've been on the lookout for some oversized pair of denim shorts, since my New Look shorts are the only pair I own. Apparently those are harder to find than I originally anticipated so I've spend a couple hours searching before I came across this (Australian?) webshop: My mum made it and found these perfectly oversized pair of shorts for a very reasonable price! I chose express shipping and had my package delivered in a little more than a week's time. And the whole thing only cost me 36 euros. KABANG!

Oh yeah and I'm a blonde these days thanks to Naomi's (Dress Your Life) mom! And I love it! Although I'm still not used to it :D

So are you guys also going to Pukkelpop? Which bands will you be seeing?

Don't mind the bruise, I fell of a chair and I bruise like....well, a peach.


Thank you!


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