Thursday, August 21, 2014

We Want: PhD defense dress

There are certain occasions in life when a lady just needs a pretty dress. Whether the goal is to go to prom in high school as a vicious 18 year-old or to attend a wedding when you're a twenty-something, the search for the perfect dress can turn out to be rather difficult, especially when you're not the of the dressy kind. Don't get me wrong, I love wearing dresses or skirts and I would definitely categorize myself as a girly girl. However, I have extreme difficulty with finding the appropriate dress for the appropriate, elegant, sumptuous occasion. I will spare you the details of the man dress hunt of a few weeks back when all of a sudden the dress I had in mind to wear to a wedding had become just a tad too big. 

Only a fraction of time after successfully finding/fitting/obtaining said dress, I again found myself browsing through numerous websites in search of a dressy dress. This time however for a rather different occasion: As I've mentioned already on several occasions - and probably made you sick of it your ears bleed - I just finished my PhD. Well, that is, I finished the dissertation, but the cherry on the cake will be my forthcoming PhD defense in only two weeks from now. As I didn't have time and the weather worked against me for outfit pictures, I figured I'd share with you some of the possible winners that turned up after some extensive searching. I present you: What I Would Wear To My PhD Defense. 

PhD defense dresses

Zalando - New Look - New Look - New Look - New Look
Boohoo - Zalando - Zalando - Zalando - Zalando

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