Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We Wear: Despite Perfect Fashion

Leather jacket, scarf: Zara - Dress: Mango - Kicks: Nike Air Max - Necklace: H&M - Bag: Forever21

Maybe I could apologize for the big ladder in my tights, but actually why should I. This is how I went out last weekend, despite what my mom had to say about that, so it seemed only fair to show you this entire outfit. Ladder inclusive. Isn't that what fashion can be about: it's not at all perfect and you should also show the imperfections? Some may call it pitiful, I call it honesty. In the end it's all just a matter of perception.

I think the ladder works well with my safety pin embellished leather jacket. I say embellished but it's a necessity to keep my jacket together, it's had its best days. (I still love it.) The two of them together contrast perfect with my more preppy leopard dress and my crisp white kicks. Because a little drama and a little contrast has never hurt anyone. (I have a feeling I say that a lot.) It felt quite good to finally combine these kicks with a dress instead of with pants.

Oh and I'm not wearing lipstick. It's cherry flavored Labello (okay, you actually don't see that at all). There are some little things in life that can make me very happy and the smell of cherry Labello - or any other artificially enhanced cherry smells (like the candy oh my gooooood) - is one of those things. Same goes for anything coconutty. Coconutty. Nice.


  1. Leuke look! Je jasje heeft precies al veel meegemaakt ;)

  2. Ik vind het héérlijk dat je die kousen met ladder gewoon hebt aangetrokken. Imperfecties rule!

  3. Het is al bijna 6j mijn favoriete jasje, het heeft zijn fair share van adventures wel gehad ja!

  4. Superleuk jasje! Ik weet dat die worn & torn look cool is, maar ik vind het toch jammer dat het zo kapot is :-)


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