Monday, February 10, 2014

We Discover: AMATØR SS14

I won't deny that Karolien and myself are more the budget type of girls. We're not stingy at all, we just like to buy more for less money. That sounds greedy but we're not that either, I bet you all know what I mean. But I must admit that I can be a bit penny wise but pound foolish, as they say. When I don't have a lot of money to spend, I can really restrain myself from buying stuff I don't really need. But when I'm on no budget at all, I tend to feed the large hole in my hand. Ending up with a lot of stuff I try to sell afterwards at second-hand markets while realising that I truely own too much pink.

We recently found this new Scandinavian / Dutch brand in our mailbox. It doesn't really fit our budgetary boundaries, but I can once again not deny that I loved what I was seeing: minimalistic, clean, leopard, delicate with an edge. It makes me happy to read that Eline Starink designed this collection to also be wearable work clothes. It was only last weekend that I was talking with somebody and discussing how unfortunate it actually is to dress "work appropriate", because that mostly stands for boring and unpersonal items. I say mostly, not always. But I've generally had problems with people telling me how to dress, I just wouldn't listen.

I picked out some of my favorites to show you guys. Please tell me what you think on the subject of "work appropriate" dressing and of course about this pretty brand!

You may say I'm quite fond of the leopard print. Is there really such a thing as too much leopard?


  1. Mooie items! :) En meer willen voor minder geld is niet greedy ^^ Just smart shopping :D

  2. Ik ben heel grote fan van die bovenste blazer. Toffe spullen!

  3. Ooooooh die eerste vest! Daaaaamn, instant crush! HEBBEN!

  4. heel mooi. Zal eens moeten kijken nu ik in Amsterdam ben. ^^


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