Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ain't no wifey

I wore this very dark and broody outfit to go to Brussels to celebrate my little sister's birthday a while back. The weather (and especially the lighting) followed those settings, so I apologize for the overall darkness of the pictures. What I do not apologize for however, is this awesome new beanie I have gotten my hands on. Having "Ain't no wifey" printed on the middle of my forehead makes me giggle every time. Those inward chuckles really are the best. 

I'm currently on cloud nine, because not only is the holiday season upon us (I'm a sucker for Christmas), but my friend who was travelling for a year has finally returned and her comeback has already been extensively celebrated. On top of that, Sinterklaas came by and apparently I've been a pretty good girl (or I bribed him of course). And for now, if you'll excuse me, I'm about to indulge in some sweets and chocolate brought to me by the good man.

 Coat: Sheinside - Shorts, lace shirt, boots: Primark - Scarf: H&M - Beanie: Choies - Bag: New Yorker

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