Monday, December 23, 2013

Jump(er) for Christmas

Aah, those jolly good times are near again. Festive blinking lights, Christmas tunes, and loads of sweets and delicious food. What is not to love, right? (Except too many freakin' people EVERYWHERE - Excuse me, that is my 'In desperate need of some time off of work' desire talking). I've been bumping my Christmas feeling already for weeks. Those who follow me on Instagram might have noticed/gotten annoyed by this already (username: sneilorak). Seriously, is there a better way to submerge in an instant Christmas feeling than by wearing an awesome Christmas jumper? 

Yes, getting my hands on a Christmas jumper was one of my already (in)famous quests, and I've been wearing it to bits these past two weeks. Because a) it's Christmassy, b) it has a pinguin on it and c) not just any pinguin, but a CHRISTMAS pinguin. And I have got to get all the wear out of it I possibly can because wearing a Christmas jumper in February or March might just come off as a bit silly. Or rebellous cool. I'm still in doubt. 

I cannot wait for it to be Christmas eve and to finally unwrap my presents. I even put a present for myself from myself underneath the tree, because I fancy the unwrapping so much. I deeply apologise for my excitement, apparently I tend to get quite carried away about numerous things. ("It cannot be your 'best time of the year, Karolien, because you already said that was Halloween". Booh.)


  Coat: River Island (from last year) - Scarf: Zara - Beanie: Choies - Christmas jumper: Boohoo - Jeggings, necklace: H&M - Boots: Dr. Martens - Bag: Ebay


  1. Zaaaa-lig! Fantastische trui gewoon. De pinguïn doet mij een beetje denken aan die van Adventure Time, waardoor uw trui een dikke win is!

  2. Kersttruien zijn tha boooomb! Sowieso dat je die nog eens uit de kast mag halen als het hier in januari nog gaat sneeuwen ;)
    Naomi, x

  3. Karolien - peachesandpeachesJanuary 4, 2014 at 11:28 AM

    Oei, ik ken Adventure Time niet! Dringend verandering in brengen dus :)

  4. Karolien - peachesandpeachesJanuary 4, 2014 at 11:28 AM

    Of februari, of maart, of... :)

  5. Tis eigenlijk een programma op Cartoon Network :D en er zit weinig logica en structuur in die serie, waardoor ik dat zo geweldig vind :D


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