Wednesday, December 25, 2013

We Wear: Christmas attire

I will keep it extremely short today as I've got to prep myself for some more festivities (and I want to cuddle my presents a little - is that weird?). But before I do, I wanted to fulfill my blogger duties by showing you the outfit I wore yesterday for Christmas Eve (and let's face it, I'll wear it again today, oh, the horror). 

I've had some trouble lately finding pretty dresses, until I stumbled in H&M on three all at once (while assuming I wouldn't find any). The flower dress is perfect to wear on an occasion like Christmas, because of the fit: you want eat whatever, without it being too tight. I combined it with some glitter tights and wedges, and added a vest I bought only on Monday (yihaa, pre sales!). The vest was exactly the reason I decided to confront the horrific Christmas crowds in the shopping street, because it suddenly dawned on me I needed a vest with a zipper. But I must say I do not get people doing all their Christmas shopping in the days leading up to Christmas. Why would you do that to yourself? Online present shopping for the win. 

Enjoy your day and merry Christmas to all of you! 

Flower dress, zipper vest: H&M - Wedges: New Look - Glitter tights: Zeeman


  1. Fantastisch hoe die nylons glinsteren!
    Fijne feestdagen!

  2. Karolien - peachesandpeachesJanuary 4, 2014 at 11:29 AM

    Sparkles horen gewoon bij de feestdagen ;)


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