Sunday, September 8, 2013

The end of summer.

While Karolien is dreaming of summer to go on forever, I'm ready to close that door and start a new chapter season. I love summer and everything that goes with it: sunshine, swimming, skirts, festivals, hanging out with friends 'till midnight, vacation, bare legs, dresses, sipping cocktails and so on and so on. And let's admit, summer 2013 has been outrageously great!

But it's starting to be time to let go of this wonderful season. So let summer end in beauty and make room for the beginning of another beautiful and colorful season: fall. My mind has been in fall mood for the past two weeks already (expect some fallspiration and outfits on that behalf) and I'm really looking forward to see the trees change from fresh green to fiery red hues.

Some other fall related news: job hunting season has opened again. My previous job had been temporary so I'm back on the market! Just letting you know, in case you want to hire me.

But before we completely say goodbye to summer, let's look back once more and laugh at the memories. Because life is only as good as the memories we make. Thank you, The Ataris.

Apparently I take a lot of pictures of the sky and my booze. I like the sky, so what?

Is there anything more fun than meeting up with friends and having the time of your life? I'd say no. So treasure your friendships, respect their secrets and love them unconditionally. AND ACT CRAZY TOGETHER! (The end of summer is making me mellow.)

At the beginning of summer we went to Porto, to escape the rainy weather that was going on here. Summer overslept in Belgium but no big deal, she made up for it more than enough! At the end of summer we went to Pukkelpop which also feels like being on holiday. Definitely my two favorite summer 2013 activities: a superb way to kick off the summer season and a more than superb way to let it end in style.

And I also have some random favorites for you, including funny selfies.

So has your summer been as great as ours? Did you go on holidays or attend any festival? Please share your stories with us!

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