Friday, September 20, 2013


Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend the well-known and widely discussed "The Big You" event. The "we" in this context doesn't include me and my Peach in crime Karolien, alas, as she was still soaking up some sun in sunny Barcelona. So I took my (blogger)friend Natalie with me (visit her blog HERE) and we had loads of fun.

We went to Antwerp by train, had an obligatory coffee (and piece of cheesecake, ssst) at Starbucks and started walking towards the venue. While I was still managing my bangs, we received our badges and were led into the great world of THE BIG YOU. I make it sound like it was a fairytale, but that's really how it felt for me. It was the first time I ever attended an event and I probably looked like a kitten on speed.

Something like this but replace cocaine stuff or something. You get the picture!

Before I even knew what was going on, I was sitting at the Veritas stand with a ball of yarn on my lap and a crochet-hook in my hand, whilst sipping some cava. The idea was to knit your own beanie, which is really cool if you actually know how to handle those needles. I had several visions in my head on how to, but they had nothing to do with crocheting and would probably get me in jail. Luckily a friendly Veritas lady called Ilse saw the slight panic in my eyes and came to the rescue. I have two left hands and must have been about six years old when I last tried crocheting, a difficult task to try and learn me the tricks of the trade. But Ilse managed to teach me how to crochet a little patch and most importantly: she made me curious for more. I actually thought it was kind of soothing and a lot less illegal than my initial ideas. Mission accomplished, Veritas! I will definitely try and make a real beanie out of my pretty pink ball of yarn.

Next up was Sodastream. A trendy and slick designed device to add bubbles to your otherwise ordinary tap water. I've always been a bit skeptic about those things, because I thought they were mainly developed to make your own so called healthy sodas. While my point of view was to just drink water if you want to lose weight or live a healthier life. But I have to admit that besides my daily three liters of tap water (true story), I like to drink some bubbly water too. And my tap doesn't provide bubbly water. So I could go to the store and by me a six-pack of bubbly water. But we all know how bad those plastic bottles are for nature, really there are animals dying because of all that plastic lingering around! And that's where Sodastream comes into the picture: you don't need to go and buy plastic bottles of bubbly water anymore, you make it yourself. You fill the accompanied bottle (which stays good for use for three years) with tap water and push the button a couple of times depending on how bubbly you want your water to be. One Sodastream bottle replaces 1260 ordinary plastic bottles. It's at least worth a thought. Plus the design looks awesome. Sodastream also provides extra flavors for your water, to spice it up a little bit, and some cocktail blends too! We tasted the margarita and mojito at the end of the day, and they really were verrry good!

From bubbly water straight to a birthday party at Pepe Jeans and the new fall collection from Zalando. Pepe jeans turned 40 and we all know that no midlife crisis, I mean birthday, can go without a proper party. We threw confetti and waved some pompoms, happy birthday Pepe! With this photo we have a chance to win a T-shirt and jeans, designed especially for this festive event. At the Zalando corner I immediately spotted some really pretty Chelsea Boots. We got a €10 discount, so chances are I might just buy these beauties!

At Swarovski we saw the most shiny and sparkly jewelry. But of course, what else could you expect from Swarovski? They managed to draw the attention of my inner magpie, although I must admit that isn't very hard to do. I have a giant weak spot for big, chunky and preferably shiny, sparkly jewelry. So it's probably no surprise that these earrings with the matching necklace were my favorite items from their "Secret Treasures"  collection. The earrings even resemble the ones I was wearing at the moment and they are also clip-ons! The Swarovski clip-ons however were a lot less painful than my Mango versions. Because of the name of the new collection (Secret Treasures..) there actually was a treasure chest at the Swarovski boot. We all got a little piece of paper with a three digit code and we all got an attempt to open the chest with our code. Unfortunately the damn thing wouldn't open with our codes, the lucky winner was Noémie from Le Chat Noir! Again, congrats Noémi!

At Pronails we played around with nailpolish. I chose a very orange color and finished it with studs and a matte top coat. I'm not a nail artist at all and I have the tiniest baby nails, nail art usually looks really weird on me! But is was fun playing around! 

Last but not least we visited the Sennheiser boot, but we chickened out for the karaoke and went for some coffee at Illy instead.

Thanks UPR for this lovely event, we came, we saw and we were overwhelmed! Hope to see everybody again soon!


  1. Je hebt echt leuke foto's gemaakt, heel mooi :)


    1. Thanks! Het was niet moeilijk om mooie foto's te maken met zoveel moois om naar te kijken!

  2. Leuk verslag en vooral leuk om je ontmoet te hebben! ;)
    Naomi, x

  3. So bummed I couldn't make it.
    Great pictures!

    x Krizia

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