Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Discovery: Retro & Chic

Last Sunday I attended the Bruisfestival at Maastricht together with some friends. We had some beers, some laughs and did some dancing to Miles Kane and the fantastic Kitty, Daisy and Lewis.

Beforehand we visited the city. Miles Kane didn't start until 7 p.m. and there wasn't anything in particular we wanted to see before that. The ideal opportunity to do some (window)shopping. I don't visit Maastricht very often so I don't know the city very well (must.change.that.). Luckily my friends did, so all I had to do was follow their lead.

That's how we encountered a little shop called "Retro & Chic". The beautiful shopwindow draw our attention and sucked us further into the store. What we saw there was a gorgeous collection of carefully selected vintage goods going from clothing to shoes, hats, jewelry, belts, gloves,... I didn't take a lot of pictures because I wasn't planning on writing a blogpost about this, but because I bought the most beautiful pair of earrings there, I could not say nothing about this little but grand store. So I highly recommend you pay a visit when you're going to Maastricht! You can find them in the Heggenstraat 1, Maastricht.

The earrings!

Talking 'bout Miles Kane brings me seamless to my next topic: Chelsea Boots. After we attacked our bank account at the Retro & Chic store we strolled to H&M for some usual browsing. As soon as I entered the store I saw a pair of Chelsea Boots (yes, capitals) blinking in my eye sight. I had a sigh and shambled towards them, allready knowing I'd fall head over heels, while I was cursing my current job status. I tried them on and what I feared came true: they were perfect. I cursed some more (silent and muffled, I did have an upbringing you know) and took some photos so I could at least take them home in 2D.

Because I like to share my torture with you, here are the infamous Chelsea Boots:

So are you smitten about the earrings and Chelsea Boots as much as I am?

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