Wednesday, January 6, 2016

We Wear: Holiday season

With January officially kicked off, the holiday season appears to be over and I find that an extremely unfortunate event. Therefore, let's keep the sparkle, the coziness, the flickering lights, the holiday cheer alive for just a little while longer. January is such a depressing month, so I refuse to take down my Christmas tree for now. I'm even contemplating about leaving some of the lights that I hung around my apartment up until these dark days (literally speaking) are over, because they make me so very (and weirdly) happy. I am the absolute personification of the paradoxical Grinch. That reminds me of something I saw on TV the other day, about 'normal' people who are completely obsessed with Christmas, leading to a house filled up to the roof with Christmas trees (yes, plural) and decorations. However, that's taking it a bit too far in my opinion, I would feel weird as a child of summer to still think about Christmas. Speaking of summer, can we just skip to that point already? :)

January is always and for most also a time of change and for me, it's mostly about trying to better myself. In hindsight, 2015 was not entirely my year, despite going in the desired direction careerwise and a lot of exciting and fun things happening along the road. Unfortunately, big disappointments at the end of the year kind of left a weird taste in my mouth. Either way, I can't wait for what 2016 will bring: the challenges, the laughter, the people, and all the new things I'll do. I even started a bucket list to structure those new things a bit more (control freak alert) and I won't be satisfied until every one of them is checked off by the end of 2016. 

2016, let’s do this and let’s not ever doubt ourselves!

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