Wednesday, December 2, 2015

We Wear: No pants day

Indoor outfit pictures are a rarity on the blog, mostly because yugh lighting and ferociously abstaining from using the flash. But the weather this Sunday was just too awful to face it without packing myself in a rain coat and something to keep me from blowing away, which wouldn't make too much of an outfit. Or actually it would, I can imagine some of you out there wanting to witness that. But no, I wanted to wear this outfit - which gives the illusion I'm not wearing any bottoms. Not to worry, I am wearing a skirt, it's just hiding under the large amount of oversizedness that is just too awesome and cool to not let it predominate the entire outfit. 

The sweater was actually a total misbuy, caused by my emerging aversion from fitting rooms on a Saturday in town. I just grabbed it in a size L without thinking too much, cause I like my things loose, breezy and oversized. But this particular sweater was already designed to be highly oversized, hence buying it in an L made it pretty much something like a blanket. I was going to exchange it for a size down, but I couldn't find it anymore and I absolutely adored the olive colour so the uber oversized thing that is this sweater was kept by my side. And then I wore it and couldn't be happier that I didn't take it back to the store! All's well that ends well! 

Also, check out the first glimpse of my apartment, which is by far not finished that but I'm getting there. One (extremely) slow box at a time. Thank god I'm not wasting any time in fitting rooms on Saturdays when it feels like the entire world is out shopping.  

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