Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We Wear: Eat my shorts

This weather has got me craving for Groezrock (oh yes, the countdown has begun) so I thought it was appropriate to show you a potential Groez outfit. Dressing for festivals means dressing versatile with loads of layers and options for cold and warm weather. We all know I'm no hero in that area. I just put on boots and think I'll be safe in whatever weather circumstances.

These boots happen to be the oldest pair of shoes that I own. Their mine for nine (!) years now and that, my friends, is a record. It also confirms I'm getting old. I don't wear them that often anymore - read: never - but they have accompanied me to Groezrock before. An ideal festival boot if you ask me: they may get dirty, they spice up my outfit, they keep my feet dry and warm(ish).

The dungarees are new and a fun change from the usual shorts I wear to festivals. And when I spotted this Bart Simpson top I immediately pictured it with this outfit. I'm telling you, it's Groezrock whispering in my ears.

Is anyone of you coming to Groez this year?

(I'm sorry I did the jumping thing again.)

I'm wearing:
Dungarees: Only via Zalando
Bart Simpson top: H&M
Panty's: Zalando
Boots: Sacha (old)
Knee socks: H&M
Sunglasses: Komono
Watch: Casio via Urban Outfitters

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