Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We Love: Pastel Hair

It's no secret at all Karolien and myself like some weird hair colors. We've been rocking the ombre trend since 2012 and have been experimenting with colors ever since. Last summer I decided to completely bleach all of my hair because I wanted it to be white. I have always loved white hair and was bummed out I could never have that without putting my hair through some extreme conditons. But hair is only hair, when damaged you can cut it and it will grow. It's nature. And from the moment I sat in that chair for bleach session number one, I was already dreaming of pastel pink hair.

We are about six months from that moment and the time has finally come. For a lot of things actually. First of all: last time I touched up my roots at the hairdresser's, we decided that would be the last time. My hair is long and damaged and is breaking off really bad. I am not ready to cut it short yet (although when I see Naomi rocking her new do, I kind of want that too) so my hairdresser opted to quit the bleaching and let my hair rest and slowly transition into being a brunette again.

I knew from moment one that I couldn't keep my white locks for a very long time. I am just not ready to cut my hair short and I don't want to keep damaging it. But I will miss it! So I decided (a lot of decisions have been made apparently) to have one more splurge and just go for the pastel pink hair. I called up my hairdresser and made an appointment.

My boyfriend and my friends love it, my mom hates it. And I am completely in love. I think I even love my pastel locks more than I loved my white hair. I love how it makes me feel like a strawberry milkshake or a Japanese Harajuku girl. Kawaii!

I promise an outfit on Sunday, maybe Monday depending on the CROSSBONE FEST hangover.

Harajuku girl

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